October 10, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Q. What companies can I use to service my portable extinguishers?
A. Only use companies that have been issued a certificate by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY).

A complete listing of Certified companies by the F.D.N.Y at FDNY certified and approved companies.

Note:All companies that service fire extinguishers in NYC must be certified by the F.D.N.Y.

Q. How would I know if an individual is authorized to service portable fire extinguishers?
A. Individuals that are authorized to service portable fire extinguishers are certified by the F.D.N.Y. He/She will have been issued a Certificate of Fitness for portable fire extinguishers. Upon request, the individual will be able to present you with their photo ID card that the F.D.N.Y has issued him/her as proof of their certification.
Certificate of Fire

Certificate of Fire

Q. Does the F.D.N.Y regulate the companies or individuals?
A. No. The F.D.N.Y does not regulate individuals or companies selling or servicing portable fire extinguishers.
Q. Where can I purchase a new portable extinguisher?
A.You can purchase a new portable extinguisher from a variety of retail stores, but you still will need to have them tagged and inspected by a certified company. Another option is to purchase from a certified company.
Q.How do I know what type of extinguisher and how many are required for my size building?
A.Section 15-02 of Title 3 of the Rules of the City of New York (3RCNY 15-02), entitled “Portable Fire Extinguishers” and NFPA 10 covers the requirements for the inspection, maintenance, recharging and hydrostatic testing of your portable fire extinguisher. If you wish a view a complete copy of these rules click on the following link http://nyc.gov/html/fdny/pdf/rcny/rcny_1502_repeal.pdf a
NFPA 10 can be purchased from the National Fire Protection Association NFPA
Example 1: A retail store needs one portable fire extinguisher (of minimum 2-A rating) for every 2,500 square feet of floor area or fraction thereof(for each floor).
Example 2: A restaurant kitchen needs one portable fire extinguisher suitable for a Class K fire, with a Maximum travel distance of thirty(30) feet. The public assembly space in the restaurant needs one portable fire extinguisher  ( of minimum 2-A rating) for every 2,500 square feet of floor area or fraction thereof (for each floor)
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Q.My Business was visited by a representative from a portable fire extinguisher servicing company. He/She did not have an appointment and just showed up. They said that they were sent by the F.D.N.Y. High-pressure tactics were used to try and persuade me to buy more portable fire extinguishers for my store than the law requires. How can I file a complaint?

A.If He/She is certified by the FDNY, you can file a complaint with the FDNY by Calling (718)-999-2533 during business hours, or by clicking on the following link: F.D.N.Y Complaint If the representative was from a servicing company that is not certified by the FNDY, you can contact the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs by calling (212)-487-4444 for your rights. (Note: the  FDNY does not send private companies (such as portable fire extinguisher companies) to conduct official FDNY inspections.

Note: the  F.D.N.Y does not send private companies (such as portable fire extinguisher companies) to conduct official F.D.N.Y inspections.

Q. What Should I look for when I purchase a new portable fire extinguisher?

A.The selection of an portable fire extinguisher should be based on the type of fire anticipated. Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher can be dangerous and make matters worse.

    In addition, the fire extinguisher selected should be sufficient in capacity and quantity to meet the code/rule requirements.
    Make sure you are able to operate and handle the fire extinguisher you are purchasing.

Remember that fire exitnguishers need care and must be recharged after every use.


      All extingiushers must be fully charged and in operable condidtion> For dry chemcial type of extingiusher this is confirmed by checking the pressure gauge on the extingiuisher.
    For a non-stored-pressure type such as carbon dioxide, this cna be done by weighing.