October 11, 2016

Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguisher

NFPA 10, Chapter 5, fire extinguishers are required to be provided fro the protection of both the building structure and the occupancy hazards within.

portable fire extinguishers

Before Fighting A Fire, Be Sure that…

  1. You’ve been trained to operate the portable fire extinguisher
  2. Everyone not designated to use extinguishers is leaving the area,<br>and someone has sounded the alarm or called the fire department.
  3. You have an unobstructed escape route in case you can’t put out the fire.
  4. You know what’s burning and your extinguisher is correct for the fire.

It’s dangerous to use water or an extinguisher labeled only for Class A fires on a fire involving flammable liquids and any energized electrical equipment.

Extinguishers labeled Class D must match the type of metal that is burning. Metals will be listed on the label.

Extinguishers with a Class K rating are for fighting a fire in a commercial (cooking)fryers. Multipurpose extinguishers labeled Class A, B, C are not appropriate for such cases.

Note: Dry chemicals discharge from multipurpose extinguishers are corrosive. Clean electronic components immediately.

For more information visit www.nfpa.org